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Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

We hail all fans of a legendary American motor trademark Harley-Davidson on our site.

Not so long ago Harley-Davidson celebrated its centenary in a way a well-known company that survived several economic slumps deserves. Harley-Davidson cherishes the traditions established in the remote 1903 while America saw more than 20 presidents giving place to each other.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles aren`t fashion-prone: they are the incarnation of the style topical for over 200 years.

These are not dynamic characteristics or design people choose Harley-Davidson for as dynamics and design are obligatory, they are something like a reference condition because this brand is one of the synonyms to the expression "American Dream". Those who become these bikes` owners, or it`s better to say masters, choose them as they are unique, they are the expression of your soul, your character, and your strength.

Some 80 000 motorcycles under Harley-Davidson trademark are sold annually. These motorcycles are cult bikes for thousands of bikers all over the world. These bikes` style is manifested in the designers` and engineers` desire to preserve traditional image and design philosophy.

If you do believe that it`s better to go for a "technological Japanese" or for a "fast European" we`ll try to make you change your mind: this is the purpose our resource exists for. Conservative is not synonymous to out-dated. To honor time-proof traditions doesn`t mean to stagnate in the denial of the new.

If you find us unpersuasive don`t you jump to conclusions. It is a well-known truth that the best experience is one`s own experience. There is no need buying a Harley-Davidson to make sure, you will anyway buy it but only when you feel this "wild animal" in action. There are some travel agencies that offer you an opportunity to become an American biker for some time.

Isn`t it a great voyage: a tour riding a Harley-Davidson along American and Mexican roads, cities, national parks, and bars with professional guides accompanying you?..

And the last thing before you`ll get down to studying our material, which is a curious fact: the Soviet Army was armed with about 30 000 Harley-Davidson WLA bikes during the WWII.

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